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It is one of the best as well as renowned English Language Proficiency Test. The test helps students and working professionals get the chance to study and work in English-Speaking Countries such as US, UK & Canada. The best part is – It is accepted in major countries across the globe. When it comes to test sections, it ranges from Reading, Listening, and Speaking to Writing. Before you appear for the test, it’s important you understand the seriousness of the test and make sure you have an amazing command over English Language. That’s how you can leverage an edge to gain success.

Apart from everything being stated – It’s one of the best as well as most convenient exam for world-wide test-takers. The best thing you will observe is – When it comes to taking an enrolment in the most reputed and highly renowned university or work abroad, showing TOEFL scores gives enough sense and take you to the next level everlastingly. That’s how you win at what you go for in the most convenient way (For study and work abroad).

The General Training Version is intended for those planning to undertake non-academic training to gain work experience or for immigration purposes. IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African academic institutions, over 2,000 academic institutions in the United States, and various professional organizations. It is also a requisite for immigration to Australia New Zealand and Canada.

  • Helps you express in the most convenient as well as proficient manner
  • English speaking countries such as Canada, US & UK ask for TOEFL Scores
  • Let’s you look distinguished and qualified person
  • Ensures you are given the best opportunities
  • You become selectively chosen for great positions and roles
  • Shapes you in a way that can be rewarding in your career
  • Gives you a leverage and support from big and reputed education institutions and industries for further enrolment or hiring!
  • TOEFL cracked candidates are highly preferred
  • Great chances to get enrolled in school or university you want
  • The best part is – TOEFL is also an amazing source to get hired seamlessly (Added advantage)
  • The test is accepted world-wide

(IMPORTANT – IELTS is also a requirement in case you are looking to immigrate to Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

Eligibility Criteria
  • All the 10+ & 12+ Grade Students can appear for the examination
  • Candidates who are willing to study or work abroad can also participate in the test
  • You should be proficient in English Language (Speaking, Writing, Listening & Reading)
  • You should not have any legal proceedings against you!
  • You should not be physically or mentally challenged!
  • All the 10th and 12th Grade Students can appear this examination.
  • 12+3 (Bachelors of Commerce, Business Administration, Computer Applications, Bachelors of Science, Business Management)
  • 12+4(Bachelors of Engineering, Architecture, B-Tech etc.)
  • All the students who have completed Masters can appear this examination. (Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Science, Masters of Arts, etc.)
  • Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental, Physiotherapy, Hospitality, Aviation etc. students can also appear for the IELTS
  • People willing to go on Work Visa, Immigration Visa or as dependent for Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. can also appear for the same exam
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