If you are a non-native English speaker, then you should be applying for PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic). The best part is – It is conducted online (Computer-Based). If you are better at Listening, Speaking and Reading, you will have good time coming in! The test lasts for 3 hours. When it comes to results, you get it in about 5 days.

Therefore, in case you are planning to study or work abroad, that’s when you should be looking for PTE for sure.

The score is accepted across Australia and universities of USA, Canada & NZ.

Why PTE?
  • Countries such as USA, Canada & NZ, including Australia ask for PTE test scores

  • The test offers unique advantages

  • Helps you express in the most convenient and proficient manner

  • Shapes you in a way that can be rewarding in your career!

  • You experience flexible testing as well as fast results (within 5 business days)

  • The test offers unbiased scoring

  • No threshold limit for study or migration applications acceptance

  • You can apply as many times you wish to, for the test

  • No age limit

  • Send your scores to institution you want to study in

  • PTE is an automated scoring system – Added advantage

  • The scores are highly preferred!

Eligibility Criteria
  • No age limit (16+ would need parents’ consent)
    • All the 10+ and 12+ Grade Students can appear for PTE examination

    • Candidates who are willing to study or work abroad can also appear for PTE Test

    • You should not have any legal proceeding against you

    • You should be excellent at English Language (Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing)

    • You should not be physically or mentally challenged

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